16 September 2010

OPF: Maria of R3Daily

OPF is a new feature I am starting, it stands for Other People's Frankens!

The first OPF is a franken sent to me from Maria of R3Daily.  You can see her pictures of it here.  Her pictures of it seem more color accurate to me, mine are a bit overexposed.  You may already know that Maria is launching her own indie line of polish soon, called Cult Nails.  I am chomping at the bit to buy her first bottles!

Blurry to show off the glitt-eh
Maria's formula applied like a dream, 3 easy coats, finished off with Color Club Vivid Topcoat.  After 48 hours I had NO TIP WEAR!

Blurry to show off the glitt-eh

Can I just tell you how much I liked this polish?  I wore it over 48 hours!  I only took it off when my Chanel arrived order arrived!  Plus since I wasn't feeling good, it was lovely to stare at with my dilated pupils!

OK people, I am going to seriously fall over dead if I don't start getting more than four hours of sleep.  I am off to WebMD to see if I am doing something wrong with this new medicine.

polish insomniac