15 September 2010

Quick review of Chanel Khaki Vert

Did you ever notice how bad your application/cleanup skills are when you don't feel good?  My body is reacting/adjusting to a new medication and I am NOT feeling that great.  But the nice UPS man brought me my Chanel order (!) so I wanted to post as soon as I could while they are still in stock on the website.

(p.s. the website still is wonky, I believe because there was so much press about the Soho Collection today and yesterday).

Chanel Khaki Vert - full sun
Chanel Khaki Vert - shade
Chanel Khaki Vert - full sun
My opinion?  The formula on this is perfect.  Two creamy coats.  Not runny.  No cuticle drag.  Self-leveling.  I will do a comp to RBL Diddy Mow soon but for now here is a swatch of it:

RBL Diddy Mow - partial sun
Darker, more blue, hidden shimmer.  The formula on the Chanel was better than on the RBL.  (YES, I just said the formula on the Chanel was better than the RBL!)