25 October 2010

2 More Butter London’s

Butter London 2
Butter London Big Smoke
Butter London
After my mom was kind enough to purchase All Hail McQueen and Yummy Mummy for me, I really really wanted more Butter London's!  I was able to place an order on Beauty.com, and between my Drugstore Dollars and a gift card from work (thank you!) I purchased Big Smoke, Victoriana, Marrow, and Twee!

Big Smoke was a polish I could not find any swatches of, so I kinda ordered it on blind hope.  Luckily, I really liked it!  Its not your standard navy, which I like.  (The colors above a very color accurate, BTW!)
The formula was great, and could be a one coater if you tried.  I only swatched this one, I did not wear it as a full mani, so I cannot speak to the wear time.

Butter London Victoria 2
Butter London Victoriana
Butter London Victoria 3
Victoriana is part of the fall collection, it was released with All Hail McQueen, Marrow, and Bumster.  I apologize that neither of these pics are that great, I had a hard time accurately capturing the color.

Butter London Victoria
Out of all the polishes I have tried so far, I found this one to be super chippy.  Or should I say lifty.  It peeled right off!  However, it might have been the topcoat I was using (CC Vivid! TC).  Sometimes different formulas just don't play nice together.  I am going to try this again with SV - and hopefully better pics!

If your workplace gave out awards in the form of gift cards, would you try Butter London?
Which brand would you try for the first time if you had $50.00 to spend?