01 October 2010

Giveaway Winner! UPDATE: the giveaway winner has been withdrawn

I am very pleased to announced the winner of the October Mini-Minis Giveaway!
Before we get to that, there were some great responses to my question, which season is your favorite, and why? I want to share a few of those with you, and I happen to agree with the first one!

I love fall, the weather is cooler, the leaves change, and football starts!!

FALL!!!!  The weather cools off, the scents of cinnamon and apples are awesome and "ripe" this time of year, perfect for bonfires, the leaves turn awesome colors where I live, my birthday is in the fall, the scent of the Earth changes and I love that smell, I can break out my jeans-long sleeve shirts-docmartins, BOOTS......I could go on.

I love winter!! Summer is so hot and gives me migraines, and spring is nice, but it's not cold and crisp like winter! Winter has the best fashions, and the best weather. When it's hot, you can only take off so much clothing and you're still hot. In winter, you can wrap up and get toasty warm and it's wonderful!
I know, I'm weird, but I love winter!

My favorite season's autumn, for tons of reasons. First, the weather. It's always the right temperature, not too hot, not too cold. The leaves, all around, are a huge spectrum of different colors, ranging from golds, reds, oranges, and browns. Secondly, it's the season of Halloween. Halloween, by far, is my favorite holiday. The atmosphere of the whole season seems to swirl around the holiday, alone. Not only is it time to roll out the awesome decorations and the costumes, but a TON of awesome limited edition, make-up collections come out, as well. :D Lastly, I love autumn for the smells. Autumn just has that certain smell. To me, it's a complex mixture, filled with burning leaves and fire, chilling winds, pumpkin fields, apple orchards, the sweet hint of cinnamon, and that slight tinge of winter right around the corner. By far, my favorite season is autumn, and will forever continue to be. :)

autumn is my FAVORITE FAVORITE season ever!  i'm naturally hot (hehe) so i can't stand being in the heat and the fall chill is perfect for me!  plus the amazing colors the trees turn and all the fun activities you can do outdoors without melting like a snow cone :D  i also ADORE halloween and anything do with that, so i love love the polish colors that come out around then!  fall is awesome, and will be more awesome once i don't have to "go back to school" during it!  love ya <3

I like winter the best.  

I like it because it is cold in the winter, and I love the cold, because I have plenty of blubber. And when it is cold, there are no bugs.  

Um...and I love winter clothes. I like wearing coats, sweaters, scarves, jeans layered over leggings, boots, and sweater socks. Also, in the winter, it's Christmas and my birthday. And there's no school for three whole weeks. 

I definitely love fall the most because Winter's awfully gray, Summer is great but I can only stand the heat for so long, and spring is really wet! Fall is great because after the hot summer, the cooler air and hot cup of cider/good book fantasy is something to look forward too. Also, I adore deep, rich colors, which fit right in with fall!

Are you ready for the winner yet?
Lucky Number 43!
Her Answer Was:
I LOVE fall because there's nothing better than walking down the sidewalk and hearing the leaves crunch underfoot.  Plus my b-day is in November!
So who is 43?
Katy Morris!!!!
Katy I sent you a DM on Twitter!

Thanks to everyone who participated, I loved reading each and every one of your entries!