04 October 2010

Illamasqua Force (now available on Sephora!)

I have been known to stalk Sephora.com.  Often I go to my local Sephora (if you count 55 min away local!) with the intent to pick up a specific product, and when I ask for it they look at me like I am an alien.  Not only do they not have it, but most of the time have never heard of it!  Frustrating, for sure.  Atleast with Illamasqua, I know that my store doesn't carry it, and that I have to order online.

Sephora is usually 2-3 months behind with new Illamasqua products.  Luckily for me I received Force, Jo'mina, and Prism already from my good friend Roze.  (hi wifey!)  Illamasqua is known for their superior formula and I am pleased to say that hasn't changed.  Force is a beautiful cobalt blue.  When applied, it strangely dries to a matte, and the color is very off.  However, one coat of your trusty topcoat restores the polish to the color of the bottle. 

The formula is rich and creamy, but not thick.  I love that it was not runny.  No cuticle flooding here!  I used two coats.  For those of you who have better application skills, you can probably get away with one.

I wore this polish for THREE DAYS (unheard of, but DH needed some Quality Time) with zero chips, and very minimal tipwear.  Also I type about 10 hours a day, so I usually end up with tipwear.

As beautiful as Force was on its own, with Prism layered on top, its stunning.  Although it appears slighly frost like (due to my Ottlite?) its closer to a shimmer, IMO.  Zero brushstrokes.  ZERO!  Unheard of!

Do you have any Illamaqua polishes? Will you be picking these up? I would love to hear from you!

polish insomniac