15 October 2010

MAC Bad Fairy

A HUGE thanks goes out to my great friend Jen for hooking me up with this polish!  You can see her post on Bad Fairy here.

MAC Bad Fairy 3

Unless you have been living under a rock, I would assume you know about Bad Fairy.  Some of you may know too much about it and are sick of hearing and/or seeing it.  You can go ahead and skip this post then!

MAC Bad Fairy 2

I don't have a ton of MAC polishes (this brings me up to four) or MAC makeup.  In fact, I didn't own a single piece of MAC until about 12 months ago!  I was attracked to this polish due to its originality (there are NO dupes) but did not plan on owning it.  I was too tired after the Chanel Khakis/Nars Vintage polish craze to try to get my hands on any of the VV collection.  Not to mention my poor wallet, which hadn't had the chance to recover yet!

MAC Bad Fairy (2)

Now that its mine, I am glad to have it.  I don't normally reach for red/orange/pink shades so this is a nice difference.

MAC Bad Fairy

Enjoy your weekend!

polish insomniac