06 October 2010

Mini Haul

DH and I went to Ulta today to use up some of the $5 off coupons.  I was pleased to see they had gotten a few of the core colors from Barielle.

Flirtini, U-Concrete-Me, Slate of Affairs
The Barielle were $6 each, and were part of the buy two get one free sale.  If you combine that with a $5 off coupon, you only pay $7 for three polishes!

ChG Watermelon Rind $2.99, Essie Soul Mate $3.99
I found these two in the clearance section, they also had all the Poolside and the Up and Away marked down to $4.99.

Snakeskin, Gaga Glitter, Elephunk (3 for $5)
Next stop was Five Below.  I was specifically looking for these Color Club dupes, Snakeskin & Elephunk.  I choose the third color on a whim, definitely because of the name and not the color!!!

L'Oreal Iluminescence 
The last place we went Giant Eagle Market District, which really is just a fancy grocery store.  Kinda like Whole Foods or Wild Oats.  I have seen this color on a few others people... It's LE and there is only one per display!  How stupid is that!  I think it was $4.39 but I had a dollar off coupon.

Have you scored any good deals recently?

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