28 October 2010

Po-lish Pol-ish!

2010-10-13_17-25-03_708I won these polishes from the lovely Sabbatha of Spooky Nails.  If you have never had a chance to check out her blog, I suggest you do it now!  Its addicting.  I won a giveaway of all Polish polishes (aka nail polish from Poland)!  And the colors she picked out for her giveaway?   I honestly cannot believe how much I like each and every single one of them!  I only swatched the two greens, and I cannot WAIT to wear them as full manis!From left to right:  Vollare Prestige, Bell Fashion Colour 303, Wibo Extreme Nails 78.

Vollare Prestige 404 2
Vollare Prestige 404
Vollare Prestige 404 3
Perfect grass green!
Vollare Prestige 404
Two coats, awesome formula, no cleanup!
bell 2
Bell Fashion Colour 303
I wore this polish for 3 days, which is unlike me!
Bell 3
Only minimal tipwear!  ♥ this one!
Wibo Extreme Nails 2
Wibo Extreme Nails 78
Wibo Extreme Nails 3
Excuse me, me and this polish are going to go get married.
Wibo Extreme Nails 4
Can you believe how frickin' beautiful this polish is?  Dusty and glittery at the same time!
Wibo Extreme Nails
Not only was it beautiful, the formula was great too.  And from what I understand, this is an inexpensive brand!
Sabbatha, any time you want to pick out colors for me, I will be there with bells on!