26 October 2010

A spin on Syrup Nails...

I posted this on twitter last night to my friend G of Nouveau Cheap.  She loved my first syrup mani and even recreated her own!  She did a ton of research too, which I thought was really cool.  (Click here to see!)

I was going to just do a regular mani with Orly's It's Not Rocket Science, but when I did the first layer and saw how sheer it was, I wondered how it would work as syrup nails!  As G pointed out in her post, what works for one polish does not work on another, so I did not follow the same steps as last time.  And remember, the number of layers may sound like a lot, but the second layer is only a few centimeters long!  
  • Step One - Thin layer, entire nail (I actually skipped base coat, in my experience the Orly Cosmix do not stain my nails)
  • Step Two - Thin layer, bottom tip of nails.  My nails are rather short ATM, so your on layers may differ in size!
  • Step Three - Thin layer, just above Step Two
  • Step Four and Step Five - repeat Step Three, higher up on the nail each time.
  • Step 6, of course, would be top coat.  Again I used Seche Vite, for its ability to dry so many layers quickly.
The best thing about this mani?  I did it in about 15 mins.  Unlike the polish I used before, I knew the Orly Cosmix dry rather quickly and I didn't have to wait in between layers.

I hope you liked my Swamp Nails!

polish insomniac