23 October 2010

butter LONDON Yummy Mummy!


Yummy Mummy - Even if I didn’t like this polish, I think I would keep it just for the name!

All Hail McQueen vs. Yummy Mummy

I would describe Yummy Mummy as a shimmery nude.  I believe this was three coats.  This polish wore very very well on me.  Three BL’s down and no duds yet!  I hope the trend continues!

Mannequin Hands was not a trend I liked when it was popular last year (early 2010) but I think I could like it now!  My hands felt very ladylike.

Did you embrace the Mannequin Hands trend?  Or are you like me, and avoid trends like the plague?  Well, I shouldn’t say that.  I guess I just like to make up my own mind!

polish insomniac