30 November 2010

We're gonna start a Revvvolution!

Color Club Revvvolution

It was right around this time a year ago when I feel head over heals in love with polish. Up until that point I never enjoyed doing my own nails.  Naturally, it was Scrangie who got me hooked.  Before I read her blog I had never even HEARD of Color Club! 

My friend Toni got this for me, my very first holo!  Here it is shown with two coats, no top coat.  The holo on the CAN DULL if you top coat it, so choose carefully!  I have had good luck with Nubar Diamont (the old formula is baaack!) and with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Clear, which is not actually a top coat!

What are your favorite Color Club polishes?

polish insomniac

29 November 2010

EOTD Post: Wnw Sugar Plum Fairy

Products Used:
3 shades on the left of the WnW Sugar Plum Fairy palette (below)
Purple eyeliner pencil that was "free" with the kit (purple violet?)
Blinc mascara

While I loved the color choices in the palette, I was not "in love" with it as many others are.  For $4.99 I guess I can't complain too much.  BUT I did love the color of the purple eyeliner!  It definitely tugged on my skin but I loved the results, which lasted all day, much longer than the shadow!

P.S.  Can someone tell me what color eyes I have, BTW?  They used to be blue.  I say they are grey.  But I am open to suggestions!

28 November 2010

Two Blooms on a Sunday

Bloom Josephine

Bloom Sunday

I received both of these beautiful polishes from my lovely overseas pal R.  Not only did she send me an awesome blurple, but I had mentioned to her that I was looking for the perfect orangey-pinky coral.  I can't say enough about how much I love Bloom polishes!  For some reason, in the US we can get Bloom cosmetics, but not polish.  SO NOT COOL, PEOPLE!

I start my new position at work this week!  I am leaving the consumer side of Customer Service and moving to the business side.  Which means NO MORE WEEKENDS!  YAY!  NO MORE GETTING UP AT 3:30AM!  YAY!  I will be in training for the next three weeks, working 8-4:30pm, and then moving to 12-9pm.  AND NO MORE HOLIDAYS!  I am so excited not to be working Christmas this year.

I appreciate all of you for sticking with me and my crazy posting schedule.  I managed to post at the same time 5 days in a row last week, I am crossing my fingers I can do it again this week!

polish insomniac

27 November 2010

Saturday SPAM!

Zoya Pinta

Nubar Raspberry Truffle
Lippman Dark Side of the Moon
Poor Joe, I forget your name
OPI Yodel Me on my Cell with RBL Locavore
MAC Ming Blue
L.A. Girl Matte Indigo
Essie Lapis of Luxury

25 November 2010


Misa Pour Me Something Tall and Strong

Cause you will need it after having dinner with all those damn relatives!

p.s.  Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers!

Black Friday Coupon

My SSN ring I bought last year

 I just had to share this!!!

via G i n g e r K i t t y D e s i g n s by Gingerkittydesigns

Black Friday............

Holiday shopping is here!!! I have a Coupon Code available to my tweeps and readers of my blog (not sure if anyone actually reads this blog LOL).

Everything is already marked down 25% in my store and now I have a secret coupon for Black Friday...just type in BLACKFRIDAY in the coupon code section of my store: www.gingerkittydesigns.etsy.com  and you will get an additional 15% off your order.

Available for use from now until 11/27/10

24 November 2010

I'm gonna PUNK you!

Ooh pretty!  Put does it really look like Punk?


Plus this:
Equals this:
  Do you love it?  Cause I ♥ it!

BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan
BB Couture Manhattan + LA Girls Rockstar in Punk

23 November 2010

I'm gonna CARESS you!

Illamasqua Caress

How about a Caress after yesterday's Poke?  

Remember last spring when everyone was crazy over pastels?  Illamasqua released its own pastel collection, but I didn't get my hands on Caress until just now.  I am not going to lie, the formula was NOT a dream to work with, but it was better than a lot of the other pastels released this year (*cough* ChG *cough*).  The first two coats were streaky but settled down after the third.  One thing I can say about Caress?  It is the most perfect baby blue that I own. Thanks again, wifey!

polish insomniac

22 November 2010

I'm gonna POKE you!

Illamasqua Poke

Illamasqua Poke is a beautiful, in-your-face purple.  I received this in a swap from my wifey Rozie.  It wasn't even on my radar until I saw it on my friend Toni's nails here.  Since I knew Toni had gotten the polish from Roze, I begged and pleaded with her to pick it up for me too!  Why Illamasqua does not offer all of its shades in the U.S. is beyond me!  The formula was good, a bit thick - probably due to a bit of neon pigment?  I loved how the tiny blue and silver micro glitter shimmered when it caught the sun.  The color was way more in-your-face than I could capture with my camera, that you will just have to take my word on =)

polish insomniac

20 November 2010

Saturday SPAM!

5 by 7 2
OPI Holiday Glow

5 by 7
OPI Let Me Entertain You

OPI Glitzerland

SpaRitual Shoot for the Stars + Illusion d'or
SpaRitual Shoot for the Stars + Chanel Illusion d'or

Nails Inc Pembroke Close
Nails Inc Pembroke Close

Catrice Sold Out Forever
Catrice Sold Out Forever

Catrice Sold Out Forever 3
Catrice Sold Out Forever

Milani Dress Maker
Milani Dressmaker

Pure Ice Kiss Me Here + Northern Lights TC
Pure Ice Kiss Me + Northern Lights TC

Ulta Envy
Ulta Envy

SH Project Runway
SH Project Runway

Mint Sprint
Sally Hansen Mint Sprint