01 November 2010

From the Land Down Under...

 "Do you come from a land down under?
Where women glow and men plunder?
Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
You better run, you better take cover."

BYS Blue Bang 2
BYS Big Bang
Now that you have your earworm for the day, I am going to show you some some of the polishes I received from Michelle!  (If you missed the Nail Mail post, click here)  I first saw these BYS polishes on You've Got Nail. Now, Jacie can make anything look good, but when I saw these polishes I was ready to sell my firstborn.  And it's a drug store brand!  SCORE!

BYS Blue Bang

From the looks of this polish, you would think it was a neon; however it dried shiny, not matte!  Isn't it gorgeous?  The formula smelled horrible, but looks great.  Slightly on the thick side, but totally managable.  Kinda plasticy, if that makes sense.  This is a trait I find in a lot of inexpensive non-US brands, and I LOVE IT!

BYS Blue Bang   Out of the Blue 2
BYS Out of the Blue over BYS Big Bang
I won't lie to you, Big Bang is fun, but unruly.  I find all of this type of glitter unruly.  Worth it!
BYS Blue Bang   Out of the Blue

BYS Matte Deep Purple 2
BYS Matte Deep Purple
My favorite kind of matte.  I LOVE this satiny finish!  I love how this shade of purple makes me look tan!

BYS Matte Deep Purple 3

Two coats, best matte formula EVER!  Thinking of wearing this as a pedi soon, I think it would be hot!

BYS Matte Deep Purple

I also liked the brushes on these, I barely did any cleanup =)

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For all of you who enjoyed these polishes, I suggest you find some women from the Land Down Under!

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