05 November 2010

My First R&R Haul–Blush

I was so excited to post this I didn’t crop any of the photos, I hope you don’t mind too much!

The lovely OUTER boxes, aren’t they cute???


The blushes themselves


Lust on the left, Tease on the right


And now I am going to apologize.
  I have no idea how to swatch on my body!
  Here are some embarrassing first attempts.

And now the good stuff.  Rock & Republic blushes are normally $40 EACH!  But I only paid $15.99 – that includes the shipping!

So here is how is works.  They have a referral program, where in as someone referred me.  I got a $25 credit for my first order of $75.00 or higher..  AND they are having an online sale where cosmetics is 50% off. 
$80.00 – 50% – 25.00 credit = $15.00 + 0.99 shipping =$15.99!

And the person that referred me got a referral credit as well, when my order shipped! 

Click below for a direct link into their site, the regular way is so annoying - you kind get stuck in a video loop!

I've got my eye on some shadow next!

Have you hauled from R&R?  What did you get???
I would love to know, so I can plot my next order!!!

Oh, and if anyone needs a referral credit for being a new customer, email me here and I will hook you up!