10 November 2010

Smoochiefrog's Choice

Color of the Zen-tury, Dominant Jeans, Dazzle Me, Ocean Love Potion, Glitter Bit of Music TC, Ecuadorable Coral, Chick Flick Cherry
  So Smoochiefrog won the "name the OPI collex" informal contest from this post!  Well, technically she got one wrong, for Blue Moon Lagoon she said Summer Beach 2003, the actual name was Summer for Shore, but that's just a technicality.  And since I am giving away the polish, I am the one to get's to say if she's right!

Smoochiefrog, please let me know which of the Black Labels pictured above you would like!  And I apologize in advance, none of them are "BN."

Will You Mari-achi Me? Mexico Collection Spring/Summer 2006
Puerto Vallarta Violeta Mexico Collection Spring/Summer 2006
Color of the Zen-tury  Japanese Spring/Summer 2005
Gone Platinum in 60 Second  Mustang Collection 2005
Oyster Blue Lagoon South Seas Collection 1997
Dominant Jeans Brights Collection Fall 2006
Can't You Sea? Brights Collection Fall 2006
Blue Moon Lagoon Summer for Shore 2003
Baby Blue Yokohama Collection 2007
Azure for Sure Brights Collection Fall 2006