13 December 2010

3 of my Illa's

Illamasqua Jan - two coats + TC
Illmasqua Milf - Two PERFECT coats, no TC
Illamasqua DWS - two coats + TC
Jan, again!
DWS, again!

Thanks for your comments on my Saturday Spam - Illamasqua Bottle Edition! I am in the midst of trying to swatch all of my Illa's.  You can see the progress I have made so far here.

Jan I just recently ordered after seeing it on Mina's blog.  I used my $20 Sephora VIB to pay for the polish and the shipping, I paid $0.97 for tax!  Woot!  It was a very forgiving formula, but it was not as wonderful as Milf.  Milf was one of the very first Illa's I ever purchased.  The formula is a DREAM - A DREAM, people!  Everyone who is frustrated by mint greens and pastel greens needs Milf.  DWS, you, my friend, are another story.  I remember I swapped for this, and the swapper told me that the bottle looked as if the color was not completely mixed.  That was a year ago.  I have added thinner.  Once, twice, again.  And I still get these interesting swirls of light grey and dark grey!  Maybe its meant to be that way?  Who knows!  No, seriously, who should I ask?  Anyone have an Illa PR contact?

polish insomniac