15 December 2010

CND Sugar Sparkle over Le Gris L'Wren (Lancome)

CND Sugar Sparkle over Le Gris L'Wren

L'Wren Scott is a fashion designer who partnered with Lancome for a special holiday collection.  This collection included two (do I need to say limited edition?) polishes,  Le Rouge L'Wren and Le Gris L'Wren.  As soon as I saw Le Gris L'Wren on Lanome's blog, I knew I had to have it.  I absolutely adore greys, blues, and above all, steel blues!  I signed up for email alerts on Lancome.com and as soon as you can say 'FREE SHIPPING' that polish was mine! 

I wanted to show you a fabulous picture of Le Gris L'Wren, but I have tried twice now and each time the mani has not come out well (user error, I am sure).  However I did like how it looked with CND Sugar Sparkle over it, and I will try again soon to get a picture of it by itself!  

Both polishes, along with most of the L'Wren Scott collection, are sold out online - see what happens when they offer free shipping!).  If you are interested in either polish I would definitely make a call to your local Lancome counter - the girls at my Nordstrom are always willing to track something down!  I belive each