01 December 2010

Late for the first day of work EOTD!


I wore this on Monday to my first day in my new position.  I hate being late, but I get so distracted by my makeup!  I usually spend a good 10 minutes playing with my eye makeup in the morning... I did this in maybe 3 minutes.  Please ignore the fact that I have foundation stuck in my eyebrow.  I am embarrassed, but I would hate to resort to photoshopping my own images. I am NOT that vain!

Products used:
MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
MAC Prussian, smoked out
Armani Eyes to Kill mascara

Oh no! I found a new mascara that I like. I am cheatin' on my HG mascara, and it KNOWS! But I  couldn't get my blinc mascara to open, so I grabbed the Armani sample of Eyes to Kill. I can't believe how BLACK my lashes look! I love it! Uh oh!  This can't be good.  I wonder how much Armani mascaras are?  Can't be too much, right???  *goes to look*  FECK!