03 December 2010

Manhattan 610K Around the World - Are YOU Next?

I have such a great story for you, the story of the world traveling polish!  It started in Germany, then went to the UK, then the US!  You can see the beginning of its story by reading the blogs below:

Here is the fun part - where I ask YOU if you would like to be next!  I am looking for the next place to send this polish (as well as some goodies, of course).  There are only rules:

To play this game you must have a blog so everyone can see where this beauty ends up, also you must be willing to pass the polish along so others can enjoy it.

   If you are interested, please comment, leaving me your name, your blog and your general location.  I will pick a random winner and send this baby on its way!

The polish will be traveling to New York next!!!  You can keep an eye out for its arrival by following necessary nails.