09 January 2011

ChG Tronica - Techno Teal

I recently picked up nine of the new China Glaze Tronica collection.  The sixth polish I will be showing you is Techno Teal, a perfectly teal dispersed holo.  You do not need direct sunlight to see the holo in this polish, it was apparent indoors!   I am afraid my pictures did not do this one justice.  It's partly cloudy here, and I have to run outside to try to capture the sun before it disappears.    Even if it was not holo, the color is made of awesomesauce! This was two coats, no topcoat, no basecoat.

I put this on yesterday, then about an hour later took a shower, and then dried my hair (I have long, strait brown hair that I dry with my fingers instead of a brush).  I didn't take any pictures of the polish yesterday, so you are seeing what the polish looks like after approximately 16 hours... NO CHIPS.  None.  A teeny bit of tipwear, but that is expected without any basecoat!  In this manner, the Tronica far outweighs the OMG collection.  In fact, I may use my Tronica's as a base for my OMG's!

polish insomniac