28 January 2011

I had a Teenage Dream Last Friday Nite!

Did you know there were actually 3 glitters in the Katy Perry Collection?

Last Friday Night over Teenage Dream
 Just kidding!  But I do love them layered!
When I got into nail polish, China Glaze Atlantis was ALL the rage.  I was the queen of glitter.  The sparklier the better.  But last summer glitter and I kind of fell out of love.  It just seemed like so much work!  Until, that is, OPI and Katy Perry released these glitters.  I AM IN LOVE!

 OPI Last Friday Night
Even without layering, the colors are AMAZ-BALLZ!  I normally can't stand glitter that is not opaque. but these are on a whole different level!  Two coats.  TWO COATS, people!


OPI Teenage Dream
How many times have I told you I DON'T LIKE PINK?  Cause I DON'T!  But I love this one!  Again, ONLY TWO COATS!

Dear Katy Perry,

Please design more polishes.  Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?

polish insomniac

*All polishes featured in this post were purchased by moi.*