04 January 2011

Light Blue Comps - Part II (Chanel Riva Dupes)

*all images are clickable*
Index and Ring:  Hard Candy Sky
Middle and Pinky:  Eyeko Pastel Polish (new)

Both of these polishes have been called dupes of Chanel Riva - the ridiculously overpriced Chanel that came out in the resort collection mid-November.  I don't own that Chanel, so I thought we should compare the dupes!  They definitely are not dupes of each other, the Hard Candy is significantly less blue and more translucent looking.  Formula wise, Eyeko Pastel polish wins hands down.  Hard Candy Sky was tricky and took 4 layers, the Eyeko took 3 layers.

Which one do you like better?  Which one do you think is closer to Riva?