11 January 2011

More Tronica Comparisons

Techno Teal/DV8, Laser Lime/L8TR G8R

Hologram/OMG, Virtual Violet/LOL, Gamer Glam/IDK

Virtual Violet/LOL, Gamer Glam/IDK

I ran out of sunlight; it's snowed all day here in Pennsylvania.  Instead of sunlight pics, here are some pics taken under my Ott lamp. Please Note:  the Ott lamp does not do the best job bringing the holo out of the Tronica polishes, so don't be to harsh on them!

LOL/Virtual Violet, OMG/Hologram

GR8/Mega Bite,  L8TR G8/Laser Lime

DV8/Techno Teal