26 January 2011

My Tiny, (but steadily growing) Dior Collection

 The Katy Perry collection review will continue tomorrow, I ran into some technical difficulties!

Silver Pearl, Timeless Gold, Lemon Balm, and below, Gris Montaigne

Silver Pearl, Timeless Gold, Lemon Balm, and above, Gris Montaigne
In late 2010, Dior updated their formula and their brushes.  I myself was terrified I would not like the new brushes, I heard they were like the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure brushes, which I truly despise.  Luckily for me, the new Dior brushes are not that similar to the SH, other than the idea that the brush is shaped to fit your nail bed.  Also, althought the bottle neck is narrow, the opening is still wider than the SH.  I do find it is much easier to paint my nails with the new brush, as it covers just enough of my *really narrow* nailbeds, even my pinky, without getting polish all over my cuticles.

The boxes are smaller, which irrates my OCD to no end. 

Dior Gris Montaigne
And to complete this random post, here are some pics of Gris Montaigne, which is currently available as part of the Spring Collection.  I picked mine up at Sephora.

polish insomniac

*All polishes featured in this post were purchased by moi.*