01 January 2011

Quick and Dirty: 5 Shades from Anchors Away (Bottle Pics and Swatches)

Hey Sailor, Ahoy!, First Mate, White Cap
White Cap, Ahoy!
Hey Sailor, First Mate
Sea Swept (full size), First Mate (mini)
White Cap, Sea Swept, First Mate, Ahoy!
Hey Sailor
My inital thoughts:

White Cap builds in opacity quicker than I thought. I will be buying full size!  It will also work great as a layering polish (a la CND Effects)
Sea Swept - streaky, but even after 2.5 coats. Thin not thick, which is a plus!  Definitely glad I bought it!
First Mate - Great formula, great color.  What's not to like?
Hey Sailor - Fantastic formula.  ChG knows how to make a great red creme!
Ahoy! - Pretty, but.......  I am not a pink fan!  Great formula though.

Also, please note I picked these up at Cosmoprof.  The mini bottles are 0.365 fl oz. They only had six shades from this collection, none of which were the Channelesque dupe.