24 January 2011

REVIEW AND WEAR TEST: Cult Nails "My Kind of Cool Aid"

I want to disclose upfront that I am particularly fond of the creator of this polish, Maria.  She is a friend whom I have never met, but through first reading her blog, and then through her reading mine, we have become close.  In fact, the first giveaway I ever won was on her blog!!!  I did not even have a blog at the time, but I had been thinking about it.  In fact, I won her giveaway on May 2nd, and blogged my first post on May 22nd!  Speaking of giveaways, stay tuned for the end of this post!

So because of my relationship with her, I want you, Nation, to know that I am providing the most honest review possible.  If fact, Nation, I am probably harder on Cult Nails than any other brand I have ever written about.  Why, you ask?  Because, Nation, I want you to BUY Cult Nails!  I want my friend and her new company to SUCCEED!  I certainly would not want you, Nation, to buy the polish and find it to be different than what I have written.  So here is my truthful and honest review, starting with the wear test.

(Bonus points if you get the Colbert reference, Nation.)

For reference, I wore NailTek Hydration Therapy II for a base, and CND Air Dry as my topcoat.  I did not add any additional topcoat during the week.

DAY ONE:  No sun, indoor pics

DAY THREE:  slight tipwear

DAY FOUR:  slightly more apparent tipwear

 DAY FIVE:  slightly more tipwear

DAY 6:  There is NO Day 6!  I took the polish off after I took pictures on Day 5.

I had planned on wearing the polish until it chipped, but I could not take it any more!  5 days in a row of the same color?  I was going crazy.  CRAZY!  Plus I just bought all the Katy Perry for OPI colors!


First of all, the color is DIVINE!  It is definitely right up my alley.  Very close, but different than two of my favorite, long discontinued China Glaze polishes, Who's Wearing What and No Name Yet.

above:  Who's Wearing What, My Kind of Cool Aid, No Name Yet below: same colors in reverse
These colors look less alike indoors than they do outdoors, but No Name Yet the most similar.  My Kind of Cool Aid is more purple, and of course has a beautiful shimmer.  The formula on the China Glaze polishes is much thinner and required three coats to be opaque, while the Cult Nails only took two.

Not only is the formula opaque, but it is quite easy to work with.  However, you do want to pick up enough polish on the brush in order to prevent cuticle drag.  I am happy to say there was no sign of bubbling in the formula.  The brush itself was ok, but it does not splay out when applying like OPI or CND.  

The number one way the formula stands out in my mind is the wear time.  I admit I am not easy on my nails.  The fact that I change my polish almost daily usually negates any tip wear I might experience, but the fact that I could have gone longer than five days without a chip is simply amazing to me.  Maria herself was able to wear it for seven days without chips!

I am so impressed with the formula of Cult Nails, that I will be hosting a giveway!  All you need to do is be a follower, go out to www.cultnails.com, and choose which shade you would like to win.  The contest will be open for 30 days.  At the end, when I choose a winner, I will purchase the polish, and ask Maria to ship it directly to the winner!  UPDATE!  There will be two winners!  I am still purchasing one bottle, and Maria is donating a second!  Double your chances to win!  I can't wait to see which shade you are most interested in!


the polish in this post was sent for me to review