15 January 2011

Saturday SPAM - Tronica Wrap-up and Recommendations!

Hyper Haute

Electric Magenta

3D Fantasy

Mega Byte

Laser Lime

Techno Teal

Gamer Glam

Virtual Violet


Hologram over Dior Gris Montaigne

Tronica Wrap-up and Recommendations!

If you have any of the OMG, the colors are the same, so you could skip this collection.  I personally may use them as a base for my OMG's to make them last longer!  They ROCK for konad/fauxnad.  They are more pigmented than the Kalediescopes, and are easier to stamp with than the OMG's.  The formula is excellent.  I wore them for 24 hours with no basecoat or topcoat and had no chips or flaking.  I even took a shower and dried my hair.

Top Picks:  Virtual Violet, Laser Lime, Techno Teal
Great to Have:  Hyper Haute, Electric Magenta, Hologram
SKIP:  Mega Bite, 3D Fantasy, Gamer Glam

Reminder:  These are currently only available at Cosmprof.  They will be available at Sally's soon!  Probably in March but could be as late as April.

**please note, I was only able to purchase 9 of the 12 polishes.