31 January 2011

Serena Williams wins, game, set, MATCH!

I love the fact that Serena Williams didn't just say, I want to have a nail polish line.  She actually took time out of her busy schedule and became a nail tech!  How cool is that!
PLEASE FORGIVE the weird skincolors in this post!  I took these under the OTT lamp and my camera freaked out!

OPI Black Shatter over Simply Smashing

Simply Smashing is very similar to Orly It's Not Rocket Science, but with a lighter base.  I really like the Black Shatter, I have tried A LOT of "crackle" polishes and this is the fastest and easiest to work with.  I also LOVE how you can control the shatter!  On my pinky i applied very thin coat, and gradually got thicker.  You can see the pinky is VERY shattered, while the ring finger is slightly more dense, and so on.  The last reason I like the OPI Black Shatter so much is how easy it is to remove.  Some brands are a pain in the ass to remove (especially BYS!) but this is super easy.  I can't wait for China Glaze's release, so we can compare the two.  I am very excited for the different color options China Glaze is releasing!

Black Shatter can be purchased on its own, or as part of a set containing Simply Smashing.  It is selling like hotcakes, so if you stumble across it, don't hesitate to pick it up!  

*The polishes in this review were lent to me for review purposes.  After my inital review, I was able to obtain my own bottle of Black Shatter thanks to Maria of R3Daily*