14 January 2011

Simple Fauxnad - China Glaze Hologram over Dior Gris Montaigne

China Glaze Hologram over Dior Gris Montaigne

I received many question on how the China Glaze Tronica's working for konad, so I thought I should try it out!  I found them to be quite easy to konad with, easier than both the Kalediscopes and the OMG's.  The OMG's dry so quickly, I often had trouble transferring the image in time.  The Kalediescopes are wonderful, but they are ususally too light.  For example, if I put He's Going in Circles on a dark color, like a forest green, it just looks silver.  I also think stamping over a base allows the holo to show up a bit better, as you can see above!

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polish insomniac