11 January 2011

Tronica Laser Lime and Green Holo Comparisons


China Glaze Laser (index and pinky fingers) is most similar to Milani Hi-Tech (middle finger).  The primary difference between the two is the Milani seems to have extra particiles in the formula, almost pieces of glitter, that make it overall more bright and "rainbowy."  The only real similarity to L8R G8TR is the color.

Sorry if I have been slow to respond to comments, I am going through a bout of insomnia.  I slept poorly on Saturday night, then my husband when out of town on Sunday.  Sunday night I couldn't sleep, I got maybe two hours?  And then the same last night.  So basically I am a bit of a mess right now as I type!  I have tried melatonin, allergy medicine, etc but just can't sleep.  My brother told me I needed to wear myself out.  Since it's snowing, I could not walk outside so I went to Walmart, and just kinda walked around for about an hour.  I didn't really look at anything, just walked around.  I think security thought I was casing the place!  But the good news is, I think it worked, so this polish insomniac is going to try to take a nap.

Sweet Dreams!