17 February 2011

My Kinda Jelly - Golden Rose #88

Golden Rose Paris #88
As soon as I saw Golden Rose #88 on lacquerlove, I knew I had to have it!  Golden Rose is actually a Turkish brand(?).  Then I    remembered from my days of stalking the MUA Nail Board that Golden Rose has a USA website, and its actually super affordable!  That same day I placed an order.  Bonus - free shipping if you spend $20!  That feels like such a treat, since most websites want you to spend $50 or even $75 to get free shipping.

This is NOT a two coat polish.  If you do not love jellies, and you are not prepared to spend a bit of time on your mani, #88 is NOT for you!  For this mani I chose to do four coats.  I would have been happy with three, but I know a large number of my readers dislike VNL!  

polish insomniac