24 February 2011

Zoya Intimates SPAM Part 1

Zoya Danni
Gorgeous red purple shimmer, almost a foil.  Unique in my collection!

Zoya Jules
The formula on Jules is very similar to that of Danni.  I thought I would like this one more than I did, it kinda disappeared into my skin.

Zoya Gemma
To-die-for green with blue and purple flash.  This WILL be one of the next Zoya's I buy, I was very sad to give it up!

Do you already own the Zoya Intimates collection?  Which ones did you buy, or do you plan on buying?  Out of these three, I will be purchasing Gemma for sure!  Come back tomorrow to see the rest of the Intimates collection!

*The product in this post was loaned to me for review purposes.  I did not retain any of the product*