25 February 2011

Zoya Intimates Part 2

Zoya Caitlin
You can tell by the number of pictures I took of this polish that I am absolutely enamored with it!  Perfect creme finish, super shiny, what else can I say?

Zoya Dove
I wore this as a full mani for 4 days!  I used Zoya Anchor, two coats of polish, Zoya Armor, and topped it off with a coat of SV.  For those of you who have a hard time with Zoya's drying, this combo worked perfectly for me.  So shiny!

Zoya Marley
This was the only polish I had a hard time with.  I think if it had been a creme, it would have been perfect, but I had a hard time with the application.  Don't get me wrong, the shimmer is beautiful, I guess the polish was just out of my league, application wise!

As you can tell, from day 2 I loved Caitin and Dove.  Along with Gemma, they will be the next three Zoya's I buy!

polish insomniac 

*Product found in this post were on loan to me for review purposes.  I did not keep any of the product*