03 March 2011

ChG Tronica - Cyberspace

Ah, the last of my Tronica swatches.  I know many of you are upset at the lack of holo in these polishes - I am too.  However, rather than be disappointed that they are not the OMG collection, I just try to appreciate the polishes for what they are.  Many of the Tronicas are great unique colors, like High Def.  I love Cyberspace as well.  I have an addiction to beige polishes, I can't tell you how many of these shades I have!  
Cyberspace actually has a decent amount of holo, as these pictures were taken on a partly cloudy day and the holo is visible.

I added a new page tab (look up!) as a reference for the Tronica swatches.  Happy Polishing!

polish insomniac

*the polish in this post was purchased by moi*