23 March 2011

Dusty Week - China Glaze Dusk

Welcome to Day Three of China Glaze Dusty Week!  If my memory serves me correctly, this polish was sent to me by a lovely NB'er name Nancy.  You may know her as NanRx.  She is just the sweetest person.  I have to figure out how to get down to Florida and chillax with her!

China Glaze Dusk is a red-based purple with magenta shimmer that flashes back at you in the sun.  I know not everyone likes non-B3F polishes, but I truly enjoyed the formula on this one.  Chemicals work!  This is two coats.

First released in the 2001 Platinum Series collection.  I know this one is still available online, I encourage you to track it down!  All purple polish lovers need this one in their helmers!

polish insomniac