24 March 2011

Dusty Week - China Glaze Nightfall

Ohmigawd.  That is what I thought when I put on this polish!  Welcome to Day Four of China Glaze Dusty Week!  I hope you are enjoying this step back in time as much as I am!

This is a super old polish.  According the China Glaze Wiki, it was part of the pre-2000 core collection.  However, the bottle I have is a creme - no gold shimmer here! 

Nightfall is the perfect name for this polish.  The color is so deep and complex its kind of like staring into a really deep pool of water.  It's not black, it's not blue, and it's not purple, but rather it's own unique shade.  Image the gorgeous color that come out at twilight, and you will have this color.

As like most non-B3F polishes, the formula on this was great and dried quickly.  Which was good, because it smelled horrible!  I found my bottle on the bay of evil.  If you love vampies, you need it!

polish insomniac

*The product was purchased by moi.*