25 March 2011

Dusty Week - China Glaze Open-Toed

Today is the last day of China Glaze Dusty Week.  Please let me know if you enjoyed this trip into the past of China Glaze, as I would love to do it for other brands!  I have quite a few old OPI's I would love to show off if you all are interested!

When I looked this polish up on the China Glaze Wiki (which is not run by China Glaze, though they should think about endorsing it!) I found that this polish came from the 2001 Babes in Toyland collection.  Which I believe was the holiday collection, so the name Open-Toed strikes me as wrong, some how!  Thank goodness people other than I know how to read!  The collection was called Babes in Toe-land.  Ahh.  That makes sense!!!

I purchased this polish, sight unseen, from a blog sale.  I imagined it to be a loud pedicure pink or red.  Don't get me wrong, I actually love it!  It is unique in the vast amount of silver polishes I own.  I am not sure what to call the finish.  It's not quite a foil, it's definitely NOT a glitter, and it dries to a matte finish.  Any thoughts?*

*UPDATE:  The wonderful Jeannie let me know that it was a hybrid formula of foil and glass fleck that is not used today.  Wonder if China Glaze could figure out how to bring it back, that would be interesting!!!

polish insomniac

*The product was purchased by moi.*