21 April 2011

Anybody got $84.99?

So you might have noticed that lately I have gone off the deep end for cosmetics.  See before I fell in love with nail polish, I loved eyeshadow palettes.  That kinda fell by the wayside when  I discovered MUA's Nail Board.  But after acquiring over 800 polishes (no I still have not counted) I kinda got bored.  Don't get me wrong.  I still love polish, and it is a true love.  =)  But I have recently discovered the joy of drugstore makeup and coupons.  See I used to be a makeup snob and only bought makeup at Sephora or Nordstrom.  Recently I have been turned on to how freakin' awesome some drugstore makeup really is.  And my stockpile is overflowing.  For example, I have backups of backups of backups of my favorite drugstore mascara.  (When it's on sale and my coupon makes is $0.97 I can't help it.)  And I am acquiring Revlon lipsticks and glosses faster than I can count.  (Today I found some Colorburst lipsticks for $2.00 at CVS!)  So I am running out of storage - even with two helmers and two Alex's from IKEA.  So when I got an email from Joann Fabrics (a girl has gotta buy felt somewhere!) and saw this sale item, you know where my brain was heading!

# 2348274
reg. 144.99
sale 84.99
I have seen these before as a single unit, but not as a double!  Sooooooo many eyeshadow palettes could fit in there!  Too bad I already spent my "allowance" on some awesome ebay hauls!

Do any of you have this unit, either the single or the double?  PLEASE let me know if you have it!  I really want to hear your thoughts!!!

polish insomniac