18 April 2011

Makeup Monday Volume III - Sara Happ Lip Scrub

Two weeks ago I told you about one of my first successful ventures back into the world of lipstick (if you missed it, click here).  After a very long time of only wearing gloss or lip balm, I decided as a 31 yr old woman it was time to wear lipstick again.  But I needed to get my lips in shape!  So when this lip scrub popped up on Billion Dollar Babes, I was intrigued!

"The Lip Scrub" comes in adorable packaging, almost a work of art in simplicity.

I love supporting American companies.  So Cal shout out!  My uncle lives in RB.

Some people may look at the ingredients and say you could make this yourself.  Well, for lazy people like me who can't even make a salad for myself I say I will leave lip scrubs to the experts!!!  OK, I have occasionally made a sugar scrub for my hands, but nothing that worked this well or tasted this good!

It's actually making me hungry right now...

The best part?  After using the scrub for about two minutes, you wipe it off with a tissue... and then lick your tips for a delicious brown sugar treat!

Billion Dollar Babes is a site similar to Hautelook or Rue Rue La, except (to put it nicely) its a bit more discerning on who they carry.  Check them out by clicking here for my referral link, or just go directly to http://www.billiondollarbabes.com/

Do you have any favorite lip scrubs or lip treatments I should try?

polish insomniac

*the product in this post was purchased by moi*