08 April 2011

Nail Art Catalog - for your Android or iPhone!

I was playing around on the Android Market today and came across this cute nail art app, called NailArtCatalog.  It is in Japanese but is still easy to navigate - after all, most of us just want to look at the pictures!  The catalog seems to be a menu of sorts, it tells you which nail salon you can go to in order to have that design done.  Here are some examples of the nail art I found, and I credited each salon.  =) 

フットケア&ネイルAi(アイ)【by ビューティーコレクション】http://bit.ly/fuTfFr
Drop Nail (ドロップネイル) 北千住店【by ビューティーコレクション】http://bit.ly/gijwvn
nail spot(ネイルスポット)【by ビューティーコレクション】http://bit.ly/h1HEQO
Nail Salon Kuku (ネイルサロン クク)【by ビューティーコレクション】http://bit.ly/fKwRc2

This one is my favorite!  

Splendide(スプランディード)【by ビューティーコレクション】http://bit.ly/famz5L

Do you get inspired by nail art?

polish insomniac

Don't have an Droid or an iPhone?  Here is their website!