23 May 2011

Makeup Monday - Physicians Formula Bronzing Shimmer Strips

Welcome to another Physicians Formula Makeup Monday!  There is a great deal going on right now at both Rite Aid and Ulta that includes Physician Formula, so I wanted to show you all of my Shimmer Strips.  The Shimmer strips are identical 'in concept" to Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, but a third of the price.  The pigmentation on these is good, especially for drugstore prices.  But, alas, they will never be Bobbi Brown!

I have managed to collect all six of these, that act as bronzer, highlight, and shadow.

Miami Strip - Healthy Glow Bronzer

Riviera Strip - Sand Bronzer

Malibu Strip - Pink Sand Bronzer

Waikiki Strip - Peach Glow Bronzer

Vegas Strip - Light Bronzer

Sunset Strip - Bronzer

Do you own any of these Shimmer strips?  Are you interested in seeing them swatched?  Let me know in the comments!

polish insomniac