04 May 2011

Orly Royal Velvet and Fancy Fuchsia (PIC HEAVY!)

I borrowed two Orly's from a friend to swatch before I made up my mind to purchase them.  Orly Royal Velvet is a beautiful deep eggplant duochrom that flashes blue.  The formula was great, in fact, everything about it was great!  I definitely will be picking it up sometime in the future!  Fancy Fuchsia, which had a beautiful creme formula, is most likely only something I will purchase if I run into it on sale.  As pretty as it is, it's just not my cup of tea.

Orly Royal Velvet

Orly Fancy Fuchsia

Did you pick up either of these Orly's?

polish insomniac

*The product in this post was loaned to me for review purposes. I did not retain any of the product.*