11 May 2011

Zoya Day! Sunshine Part II

Alright, now it is time to show you my favorite three polishes from the Sunshine Collection!

Zoya Rica
I love the way you can really see the colors come out in the shade!  This one surprised me by how much I liked it.  Three coats, no base or top coat used.

Zoya Apple

I thought for sure Apple would be my favorite polish, so I was surprised when I liked something more than this beautiful, happy green.  This is shows with 3 coats, no base or topcoat used.

Zoya Faye

The many faces of Faye.  I didn't even think I would like this color!  It really is something you have to try for yourself to understand.  Orange foil fleck in a light purple jelly base that somehow behaves as a true duochrome.  Gorgeous!  3 coats, no base or top coat used.

As these have been out for some time, I would love to hear which were your favorites?

polish insomniac

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*the polishes in this post were provided in exchange for an honest review*