11 June 2011

Ebates - Are You Signed Up?

When I first heard about Ebates, it seemed to good to be true.  The site pays you, just for shopping online!  I have been a member of Ebates for almost one year now and I couldn't be happier.  Check out my pending CA$H!!!

So in a few weeks I will get my Big Fat Check for $35.07 ~ and all I did was my normal shopping!  Where I have found this REALLY comes in handy is when I purchased FSA related items, like contact solution for my husband.  That is why there are so many drugstore.com orders.  (Sad I haven't placed very many Sephora orders lately!)

The fun part is sometimes Ebates will have special days where they will give you a higher percentage back.  For example they recently offered 12% back on a bunch of sites that you would normally only get 4-8% back from.  I love it!  It's really a win-win situation!

So sign up, and if YOU refer a friend (like I am referring you!) Ebates will give you $5.00.  So go sign up for some FREE MONEY!

Happy Shopping!