21 June 2011

It's time to give in and join The Cult!

The Cult Nails Convert Pack - get yours at www.cultnails.com

The Cult Convert Pack allows you to begin your Cult Nails obsession.  By starting here, you can own one of each and every color Cult Nails puts out, and grow your collection from there.  There's no doubt, that once you receive this package, you'll be a convert for sure... Welcome to the Cult!

The Cult Convert Pack includes one bottle of each of the following colors: Quench, Iconic, Devious Nature, Captivated, Always Winning, Living Water, Let Me Fly, My Kind of Cool Aid, and Cruisin' Nude. 

Devious Nature
Let Me Fly
Always Winning (alone on ring finger, over black on all other nails)
Always Winning (over Let Me Fly)
Cruisin' Nude
Living Water
My Kind of Cool Aid