27 June 2011

Makeup Monday - Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Lipstick

09/25/2011 UPDATE: 
 This brand is now at Sephora!  My store is not carrying it but it is available online!!! I don't see the lipsticks listed yet,but they might be on their way!

Let me first start of by saying I was lucky enough to come across these lipsticks at a "rummage sale."  I paid $0.25 each for them!  Yes, you read that right, a quarter.  I didn't know much about the brand, but of course I bought them anyways, and tried them out as soon as I got in the car!  I found them to be a subtle yet beautiful wash of color.  Most importantly, they felt good on.  Now I just needed to research the brand!

BE02 Coral Beige, PK02 Coral Pink

Koh Gen Do just celebrated its 25th anniversary, but like me you may not have heard of it.  This is because the brand was started in a small salon in Tokyo.  It was started by a Japanese actress who wanted an organic skincare line for her own sensitive skin.  It quickly became popular among other actresses and professional makeup artists.  

BE02 Coral Beige, PK02 Coral Pink

Koh Gen Do then branched out into makeup and then hair care.  Keeping with the principals used to create her skincare, none of these additional lines contain petroleum-based ingredients, artificial fragrances or colors - only an abundance of natural ingredients.  They are also free of composite pigments and mineral oil.

From their website:  
KohGenDo believes that makeup should be something the skin is delighted with. Rather than creating attractive products full of artificial fragrance and composite pigments, we avoided such unnecessary ingredients that are a burden to the skin.

BE02 Coral BeigePK02 Coral Pink

About the Maifanshi Lipsticks:
As we age our lips can begin to lose vibrancy, resulting in a tired appearance. Adding color to lips is a simple and quick beauty shortcut that can dramatically change the way you look.This light and sheer lipstick wears smooth and soft, like a lip cream. It protects lips from dryness and damaging agents like the wind and the environment. Your lips will become healthier the more often you use it.

Wow!  Little did I know when I spent less than $1 I was getting a high-end, luxury lipstick with skincare ingredients!  I hope that in time I am able to purchase more from the line, as I find the lipsticks to be perfect "MLBB" and easy to apply on the go.  Without a thought I can apply these an know that my lips look great!

Koh Gen Do cosmetics can be found at Barneys New York (BE02 Coral Beige is here and PK02 Coral Pink is here) or purchased directly from http://www.kohgendocosmetics.com.  I also highly recommend that you check out swatches of additional shades of Maifanshi Lipstick on The Beauty Look Book.

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