28 July 2011

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy (Pedi)

Another blast from the past post!  We are still not in our new home yet, currently we are living out of our cars and our friends couches... hopefully I will have my real computer up and running soon =)

China Glaze's Poolside Collection was very highly anticipated, I know quite a few people who bought the who set the day it came out. For some reason I wasn't really feeling it, so I waited. First I ordered Towel Boy Toy, and I loved it! Then I decided I NEEDED Flip Flop Fantasy. Naturally it was sold out at all the Sally's (or Sadly's) around me, I went to at least four different ones!

Which is why I was so happy I stumbled upon it at Ulta of all places a few weeks ago.
I guess I should be glad that Ulta really sucks at getting their inventory out sometimes!

I tried to take "normal" shots of this POTD, but I couldn't capture the neon color correctly.
I was seriously just messing around when I took these shots (there might have been some margaritas involved). But I really loved how they turned out!

Happy Feet!

This was two coats on my little toes, and three on the big toes. Rather hard to work with formula, I need more practice!

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