21 July 2011

OT Post: My weight and snack bars =)

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I recently left my job.  I spent two and a half years working it a call center.  During that time I also quit smoking.  Between my job and blogging (and reading blogs!) I spent approximately 12 hours a day on the computer!  And of course when I quit smoking I substituted food for cigarette cravings, so I gained about twenty pounds!

I am ready to get rid of those twenty pounds, and a few (or 10) more.  I know that it really only takes two things - diet and exercise.  Unfortunately, I have the attention span of a gnat.  I can barely remember to eat, let alone exercise!
I have been focusing on finding great tasting but health snack bars.  That way I can reach for them when I realize I am hungry, and not chips or candy bars.  Luckily for me, my friend Jen recommended That's It Fruit Bars.  They sounded perfect for me, and I was lucky enough to have some sent to me!

What makes That's It bars different are the ingredients.  Each bar is made with apples and another fruit.  Apples + Cherries, Apples + Apricots, and Apples + Pears.  That's it!  No other ingredients.  So you get two servings of fruit, and they are less than 100 calories!

The consistency of the bars is very interesting, it reminds me of eating raisins when I was little.  My mom would buy them in the little cardboard boxes and I loved when all the raisins stuck together.  That's the exact texture of the That's It bars.  My favorite is Apples + Cherries.  It's absolutely perfect for hot summer days.  I can throw it in my purse and not worry about it melting!

Unlike my Special K bars, that turn into a melty chocolate mess.

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