16 August 2011

Kanebo KATE BU-22 (from the Vault)

Kanebo KATE BU-22
Don't you just love when polishes have names instead of numbers?  ARGH!  It makes me so mad!  Back to the subject at hand, this is a beautiful Japanese polish from Kanebo KATE, or just KATE.  The BU in BU-22 refers to Blue.  There are other abbreviations, like PK for Pink, RD for Red, BU for Brown, PU for Purple.  I didn't know this the first time I browsed for polish online and it was confusing!  The letter-number combination in common in other Asian brands as well, not just Japanese.  

The polish that is most similar to KATE BU-22 would be Orly Royal Navy (which you can see here).  The Orly is much darker, but still gorgeous!  Oh, and I am going to hand the blame for me owning this polish to Gabby, from  The Edge of Sanity.  She loves to dangle gorgeous foreign jellies and shimmers (no cremes!) in front of our eyes.  Here is her swatch of KATE BU-22 here.  If you have never been to her blog before, beware of the lemmings!!!