25 August 2011

OPI Dusty Week: Jasper Jade

OPI Jasper Jade
1996 Rocky Mountain Collection

Jasper Jade is the oldest polish I own (I think).  I wish I would have kept all my polishes from high school, I was obsessed with nails then too... Anywho, it is a deep, shimmery forest green.  The base is a deep emerald and the shimmer particles are more of a forest green.

I actually am not that impressed, and I am not sure why it is on so many people's wish lists.  Maybe because there were not many green polishes around back then?  At least not from OPI, or any other mainstream brand.  I know there were green Revlon Streetwear's!  Since I don't love it as much as I should I will be sending it to a new home in the Netherlands soon!

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