28 September 2011

Color Club Back to Boho, Part 2

Color Club's 2011 fall collection "Back to Boho" was inspired by the modern glam bohemian, clothing and trends. It contains 12 shades ranging from crèmes to duochrome foils. I have split it into two post, I hope you enjoy part two!  Part one can be seen here.

2011-09-20_15-47-17_870 (723x1024)

Color Club Boho Mojo

Such a pretty color.  To bad it is a frost – look at those brushstrokes!

2011-09-21_17-20-29_7162011-09-21_17-20-51_959 (725x1024) 2011-09-21_17-21-11_682 (724x1024)

Color Club Nouveau Vintage

Ooh!  A multicolored foil!  Totally made up for the frost!    It’s green, it’s brown, it’s red, it’s orange.  This shade is PERFECT fall shade.

2011-09-23_13-58-55_54 (723x1024) 2011-09-23_13-59-17_696

Color Club Voodoo You Do

I really like Voodoo You Do – a cool emerald shimmer.  Above you can see it can look both forest green and emerald green, depending on the light.  This is fairly similar (but NOT a dupe) to OPI Jasper Jade.  I would imagine it was also similar to Illamasqua Viridian, but I can’t find my bottle to do a comp!

2011-09-23_14-26-21_710 (717x1024)

Color Club Artsy Crafty

If you love greens and crèmes you will love this.  Very smooth and shiny, this is two coats over a base (no top coat).

2011-09-23_15-04-21_69 (723x1024)

Color Club Blue-Topia

I have very high standards when it comes to dark blue polishes – I hate when they look black.  And, I hate when they similar like Easter Egg dye!  (Have you noticed that?  Yeah, that’s right.)  This one passes the black test and the smell test!  Very smooth and shiny, this is two coats over a base (no top coat).

2011-09-23_14-43-51_791 (723x1024)

Color Club Rebel Spirit

Are you sensing a theme with these crèmes?  Rebel Spirit is also very smooth and shiny!  Again this is two coats over a base (no top coat).  A very sexy burgundy crème. 

If you purchase this collection as a set, you will receive all six shades plus “0-60 Top coat” basecoat.  I actually own this top coat, but I am not currently using it. 


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*Color Club was sent for review, but I did not get to keep it.*

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